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Welcome to the Blog Banning Wiki!

(NOTE: The password to edit this wiki is "blogs".)


In order to get a handle on what Read/Write Web technologies are being banned/censored/controlled/blocked by K-12 districts, please feel free to add to this list. Just click on the state where the district is and then on that page note the district's name, location, and what exactly is being blocked. To add a state, just put it in on this page with brackets around it, then click on the link once you save it and edit that page Motorised Satellite TV










Update BetaThetaPiCamp October 19th 2007


Contribute to the GrayList, a list of URLs which we're going to start monitoring for filtering in districts around the country (world!). We need a good list of about 200 potentially educational sites, tools and blogs. Once we have the list, we'll start tracking it with FiltrChekr


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