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What's a GrayList?


Well, a black list is a list of banned sites or addresses. A white list is a list of approved ones. This is a list of sites that might be blocked, some with good reason, some not. The objective is to gain more data about the situation.


OK, now that we have a simple tool that will test a list of URL's to see if they are being blocked or filtered ( ) we need a standard list of sites to check. Once we have a standard list, we can build an online database to track the patterns across the country.


The idea here is not to test things (i.e., porn) that obviously should be blocked. The objective is to test the availability of resources that are plausibly useful or at least harmless. The main categories are blogs, blog hosts, search engines, web 2.0 tools, news, social networking, webmail. Perhaps there are more.


At this point, there are about 270 sites on the list. Filtr Chekr will by default test about 10 sites a minute, so at that rate, it'll take about a half hour to run. It can go much faster, if you aren't afraid someone is going to accuse you of flooding the network. Since you can leave it running in the background, a half hour doesn't seem problematic.






__ed-tech__: primarily, or important to ed-tech people. (56)



__school__: the writer's own school or classroom, or practical issues for teachers. (25)


__ed policy__: mostly not about one's own classroom or school, or of direct practical value. (15)



__politics__: not education. (10)


news & other (15) # about blogs, actually


blog hosts

education-oriented (8)



not ed-oriented (7)



search engines (12)


web 2.0 tools


wikis and wikihosts (7) (which makes submitting this edit a bit of a challenge) # wiki


ed specific (2) # slick class communications software # open source lms



big archives (3)


mapping (10) # social mapping


images and video (9)



aggregators (13) # rss reader # syndication feeds # blog tracking # aggregator


misc. collaboration (13) # project management # file storage? # file storage # shared whiteboard # event database # online file storage # online file storage # global collaborations for students




bookstores (2) # bookstore & many other services # just a bookstore



office and productivity (6) # to do list # online collaborative word processor # online spreadsheet # online office suite


chat (6) # web chat # flash-based gtalk client # web-based chat






podcasting and podcasts (6) # podcasts # web-based jabber client # podcasts # podcasts



bookmarking (7) # social bookmarking # social bookmarking # open source bookmarking server


creative commons content (15)


social networking (13)



webmail (3)


activism (10)


misc open source software (2)


free filters (2)


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